Friday, May 15, 2009

Passports and Postage Stamps

I haven't written on this blog for almost a month and that makes me sad. Hopefully, with summer coming, I will be able to write posts more frequently! My mind is filled with thoughts of summer vacation, so the next couple of post may be less related or not at all related to Cerebral Palsy. Anyways, about summer, I am preparing for a trip to the Dominican Republic this summer....

so I recently had to renew my passport. Oh, how I love the bureaucracy! Waiting in a line, feeling like my feet are about to fall off, with not a chair in sight, on a perfectly beautiful Friday afternoon was less than ideal.
Posted on the wall was an article stating "This Post Office Rated Best in County." Oh, the irony! The "clerk," affectionately called the passport making lady said she closed at 4 PM and it was quarter of 4, with six people in front of me (and my family). As I was standing there I thought, "Hey, let's go look at some cool stamps!" Sadly the cool stamps were behind the tall counter and are impossible to see for someone that's both vertically and visually challenged. So, I resulted to looking at the "uber cool" flag and liberty bell stamps.
As you can believe this wasn't that exciting because I can go home, open a drawer, and look at all the liberty and flag stamps that I want. Sigh, if only the machine had had these beautiful stamps. Finally, we (my family and I) were called up to the "clerk's" "desk" (i.e. card table), my picture had to be retaken because the background was too dark, and my picture looks like I'm a deranged clown.

Share your thoughts!

What are your summer plans?
Do you know of any great camps for kids with special needs?
Have you been to the Dominican Republic?
What's your best/worst experience with the bureaucracy?

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