Friday, June 12, 2009

NIH involved with Cerebral Palsy Awareness

The National Institute of Heath (NIH) has a number of Cerebral palsy resources and conducts a number of cerebral palsy related clinical trials every year. The various resources are extremely thorough and useful. I was especially happy when I came across a list of organizations, on the website, that support research and awareness of all things Cerebral Palsy.

1. The Cerebral Palsy international Research Foundation: Supports research for Cerebral Palsy and is currently selling "Hope Bracelets" to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy because 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the efforts CPIRF. I love the look of these bracelets and i think I'm tempted to get one for myself.

2. Pedal With Pete: Their mission is to " raise funds for research to improve the quality of life for persons with Cerebral Palsy. "

I hope these resources will be helpful to someone!