Sunday, December 14, 2008

Q and A: Questions Answered

What is an IB Personal Project?
An IB personal project is a project that is completed by an IB (International Baccalaureate) student throughout their Sophomore year. This project is completely voluntary, but is quite a commitment, and as a result should be very personal. The student chooses a sponsor for encouragement and guidance and the finished project results in a final product and a 1000+ word essay.  
What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral Palsy is a condition that includes various degrees of physically "differently abled" persons. Some people with Cerebral Palsy may use a wheelchair, while others may have what is known as a "scissor like" gait (walk). Contrary to popular belief, Cerebral Palsy is not a degenerative disease, so the majority of people living with Cerebral Palsy lead normal healthy lives. 
If  I want to contribute to this blog, will I have to contribute regularly? 
You may contribute as little, or as much as you would like! If you don't feel comfortable contributing you may just choose to read a post every so often, or every day! 
Can a contribute to this blog even if I do not have Cerebral Palsy, or don't know anyone with Cerebral Palsy? 
Of Course! Opinions from those who do not have Cerebral Palsy are equally as important as opinions from those who do, in order, for this blog to become well-rounded!
What kind of topics are going to be covered in this blog, or in other words, what should I write about what submitting a post?
Absolutely anything (as long as it is obviously related to some aspect of Cerebral palsy, of course!). 
How old to I have to be to write a post? 
Any age! 
What kind of font should I use?
Times, would be best! 

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