Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Was Its Name-O

Yup, that's exactly what this post is: random! Though I think random is the most entertaining!

Well, today I had to turn in an English essay ("writing assignment") that metaphorically compared myself to something. At first I chose chicken pox, but then i thought ewww and changed to something a lot sweeter the glorious Golden Retriever. I wanted to somehow include something about having Cerebral Palsy so here is how I did it:

"My seemingly biggest physical weakness has surprisingly come as my biggest physical strength. See, as a young pup I developed a limp that kept me from such activities as rough housing around with a ball at the dog park. This limitation that at first brought much sadness has in fact blossomed into much joy. This is because my owner signed me up as a service dog. I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in this experience because of my ability to be empathetic towards both humans and other dogs. I now care for humans at places that are as dear to me as my favorite fire hydrant.
At my first favorite place, where humans look worn and aged, I clutch the newspapers of the residents in my jaws and bring them to their bedsides, in return for a pat on the head and a chuckle. When I visit the place where humans are attached to lots of tubes and machines, I curl up next to them and quietly listen to their problems. They, of course, pretend I am listening because all they know is that I am a dog, but what they do not know is that I listen and sympathize with everything they’re saying."

In other news, topics, things...

Later this week I am planning to write a bio for this blog, but I think I'll start by given my 25 things list via Facebook

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Something New

1. Something Borrowed: Some books and clothes!

2. Something Blue: My straight leg, skinny Lucky Brand Jeans (They were on sale!=D)

3. Something New: The new plate rack that I bought on Etsty to hold random junk! Yay! I love it!

Now I'm done with the theme, so it's time to write about stuff about myself that is sadly without a real theme!=)......

4. I was supposed to be a Valentine's Day baby.

5. Feta cheese and collard greens are delicious.

6. I don't trust people easily.

7. This year I'm trying to be more optimistic.

8. Even though I'm very liberal, I think abortion is wrong.

9. Someday I would love to be fluent in Spanish.

10. I think a life filled with friends and happiness is much more important than success, or did I just described the definition of success?

11. I would love to go to an all girl's college. Don't ask me why....I don't even know!

12. I've known most of my friends for years and i love them all!

13. My religion is very important to me, but I won't try to force my beliefs on other people.

14. I'm afraid of the dark and crazy serial killers.

15.I'm a romantic who hopes she doesn't grow up to be a crazy cat lady because that would suck!

16. I think hippies are the coolest people ever!

17. I'm terribly afraid of snakes and the dark!

18. I could have gotten my permit in May and I still haven't.

19. I would consider myself a writer, but i have no idea how to use a comma even if my life depended on it.

20. I think Jackie Du Pre is the most inspirational person ever!

21. I think all Fanny Packs should be burned!

22. I would love a red kitchen aide mixer or a waffle maker (homemade paninis yummy!)...at age 16...ahahaha

23. I would love to have a temporary Henna tattoo on my hand.

24. I laugh at almost anything and love when I get deliriously happy!

25. I have very expensive tastes!

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Diane J Standiford said...

I hope the most important thing about being a writer is being a good storyteller...if it is commas I'm doomed.