Saturday, March 28, 2009

Advantages to CP

In my opinion, having Cerebral Palsy has many advantages. Here are some advantages that I have or will experience(d):

1. I can get paid for participating in medical studies.
2. Even though I don't, I have permission to use the elevator at school.
3. I am the only one in my graduating class with Cerebral Palsy.
4. I can get one of those blue parking passes.
5. I am not old, but I have already had Botox.
6. I have an excuse to take Pilates Classes.
7. Some of the most influential people in my life have to do with my Cerebral Palsy (my therapist, my Pilates teacher, and my adapted P.E. teacher).
8. When I write poetry, I automatically have something to write about.
9. Playing the cello is not only fun, it's also theraputic!
10. I understand all the jokes made by Josh Blue.

I want to know...

Do you have a list of ten great things about having Cerebral Palsy?


Amy said...

wow. i don't have a list of 10 great things about ANYTHING, so now you've really got me thinking, ann! THANK YOU!!!

AZ Chapman said...

hi I do not thik we have met I have cp as well althought it is more mild andd I love sports but I have 2 sister and they love dance i will have to show them this blog