Monday, March 9, 2009

Believe In Hopes and Your Dreams!

November 4, 2008--Election Day! Glued to CNN, I watched, with my husband, the results come in as many of you did. As the evening went on, I became more confident of my decision 18 months ago to support Barak Obama as my new President!

He Won! I cried! I fought back tears as he gave his Victory speech (although it was more a speech of Gratitude and an invitation for us all to unite as Americans to bring about change). I fought back tears to see the genuine hope in people's eyes as Obama talked of the future. He talked of working together to bring America back to being a strong and caring Nation, giving its citizens the power and the responsibility to help make that happen.

Where am I going with this, you might be thinking. I guess I want to talk about visualization. My visualizing that Obama would become our next President is similar to visualization of my own life. If you are readers of this blog, I have Cerebral Palsy. I have strived to overcome the barriers, misconceptions and the attitudes of the times!

Time has been good to me. Born in the late 40's, my folks were told I'd be a vegetable who would never sit up. Soon my parents realized this as not so an began to work with me. As far back as I can remember, I visualized success in whatever I wanted to do. That's the true blessing of going through childhood. One can dream and act out their future with no limitations.

I saw myself as attending high school, college, being employed and being married. I'm happy to say that I've accomplished each goal! Was it easy, no! Those limitations that a kid never sees; well they started appearing However, my desire and determination outweighed the negative feedback from those who only saw my wheelchair and heard my distorted speech.

After reaching my goals, I began searching for future chapters in my life. After college I got hired as a teacher's assistant, teaching students with disabilities. I then worked for the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living as Transition Coordinator, helping students with disabilities make the transition from High School and home to independent living in the "real" world.

Still relatively young, but burned out from fighting and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, my husband and I moved out of the big City to a life in the country. I love it! To keep active I joined the Lions and the snowmobile Club. This baby, born to be a vegetable was living her life!

I wanted to do more, to give back! Then I found this neat tool on the internet. It allowed me to send beautiful cards via my computer! I had reached a new level of independence. Learning more about the effects of sending heartfelt greeting in minutes, prompted by a thought, I found a way to give back and help others reach their dreams. has given me a future!

It is our inner self that makes us who we are. Obama found his inner self. He now wants to help each one of us to find that strength and belief that we can accomplish our goals and desires.

With the Election over, a real hope for the future ahead, we can now focus on a way to make a difference ~ Change a life!

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TMI Tara said...

I found your blog by doing a search for bilibo. Funny. Anyway, I am so glad I found your site. I absolutely feel your heart and strength. My daughter has CP and I also believe strongly in the power of envisioning your hopes and dreams. Thank you for sharing this powerful post!