Friday, January 9, 2009

Multimedia Extravaganza

1. Comedians 

I absolutely love and admire two comedians with Cerebral Palsy: Maysoon Zayid and Josh Blue. These two people are extremely amazing role models for anybody living with Cerebral Palsy. I really encourage you to visit their websites and watch their videos to see for yourself! 

Maysoon Zayid 

Josh Blue 

2. Books 

Most of these books are around the young-adult level, though I do think adults would enjoy them as well! Plus, Small Steps is by the author of Holes. 

3. Movies 

I have never seen these movies, but they are  supposed to be really good! 


Anonymous said...

thank you for the light and love


J said...

My Left Foot is wonderful. Rent it! I want to check out these books now! Thanks for the suggestions, Ann!